Rosie Brooks - My little Opera

Rosie Brooks’ ‘My little Opera / Ballet’ series is designed with both children and adults in mind. They provide an approachable and inclusive overview of the story, which encourages both adults and children alike to gain a broad understanding of the narrative in a fun way!

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Tosca - Giacomo Puccini / Rosie Brooks

Tosca, Rome’s star opera singer, is deeply in love with charismatic artist Cavaradossi. When he is arrested and tortured by Scarpia,
the corrupt Chief of Police, Tosca becomes the victim of cruel blackmail. Tosca plots her revenge, but the consequences
are more terrible than she can imagine…

ISBN 978-1-912061-77-8


220mm x 220mm - rrp £6.99


Swan Lake - Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky / Rosie Brooks

Prince Siegfried just wants to party. His mother, the Queen,

is determined for him to settle down with a nice Princess from

a neighbouring kingdom, but he has other ideas. On a hunting trip with his friends he spots the beautiful swan like Princess Odette by

a lake and they fall instantly in love. But as events twist and turn,

and with the evil wizard Rothbart’s curse turning beautiful Odette into a swan by day, who will win in the fight between good and evil?

And can Prince Siegfried and Odette ever be united in eternal love?

ISBN 978-1-912061-49-5

Softcover / 220mm x 220mm - rrp £6.99


Orpheus & Eurydice - Christoph Willibald Gluck / Rosie Brooks 

Greek god Orpheus is plunged into despair when his beautiful wife Eurydice dies from a snakebite. But he’s given a god-sent chance to save her. If he can make it through to the underworld he can bring her back safe and sound – but there’s a condition. Eros gives him just one job to do – but can he do it…?

ISBN 978-1-912061-10-5


220mm x 220mm - rrp £6.99


Madama Butterfly - Giacomo Puccini / Rosie Brooks

When the cowardly Pinkerton marries his beautiful geisha Madama Butterfly, his heart isn’t really in it…but hers is. He heads back to America, leaving her alone to bear his child and wait for his return. She waits…and waits…but he never comes. Then one day, there’s news. He’s coming back! But nothing is what it seems...

ISBN 978-1-912061-11-2


220mm x 220mm - rrp £6.99


The Mikado - Gilbert & Sullivan / Rosie Brooks

’The village of Titipu is all of a dither when the Mikado decrees that someone needs to be beheaded before the month is out. Meanwhile the Mikado’s son Nanki-Poo is wooing Yum-Yum, who is betrothed to the Lord High Executioner. Can things get any trickier? Oh yes, they can...'

ISBN 978-1-912061-12-9


220mm x 220mm - rrp £6.99


La Boheme - Giacomo Puccini / Rosie Brooks

Set in the artist’s quarter of Paris,  best friends Rodolfo, Marcello, Schaunard and Colline live life as they please: poor, but happy.

One fateful Christmas Eve poet Rodolfo decides to

stay behind as the others head off to the Café Momus.

He answers a knock at the’s the fragile Mimi who lives upstairs...and thus begins this heart-breaking love story.

ISBN 978-1-912061-87-7


220mm x 220mm - rrp £6.99


The Nutcracker - E.T.A. Hoffman / Rosie Brooks

Young Clara Stahlbaum’s favourite Christmas toy, the Nutcracker, comes alive and, after defeating the evil Mouse King in battle, whisks her away to a winter wonderland of dancing snowflakes,

a Sugar Plum Fairy, and a handsome prince, in a magical kingdom populated by dolls.

ISBN 978-1-912061-88-4


220mm x 220mm - rrp £6.99


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The Magic Flute - Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart / Rosie Brooks

The opera follows the adventures of Prince Tamino and the

bird-catcher Papageno on their quest to rescue Pamina.

To assist their mission, they are given musical instruments

enhanced with magical powers, which they deploy to conquer the trials and tribulations placed in their path towards a deeper

understanding of true love and happiness.

ISBN 978-1-912061-50-1


220mm x 220mm - rrp £6.99


Carmen - Georges Bizet / Rosie Brooks

Set in Seville in 1830, this is the story of the flirtatious gypsy Carmen who lures the soldier Don Jose from his beloved Micaela.

Easily bored she swiftly moves on to the matador Escamillo

with disastrous consequences...

ISBN 978-1-912061-75-4


220mm x 220mm - rrp £6.99


le nozze di Figaro - Mozart / Lorenzo del Ponte / Rosie Brooks

Figaro is working for Count and Countess Almaviva

as a servant and has fallen in love with the Countess’s maid, Susanna. The opera takes place during a single day

in the country house of Count Almaviva near Seville in Spain.

ISBN 978-1-912061-54-9


220mm x 220mm - rrp £6.99


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