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All About...featuring Jude Irwin

Encouraging imagination, creative writing, creative drawing and picture book design.

Stuart Trotter author/illustrator and Jude Irwin, writer/editor will guide you through the exciting world of children’s book publishing and talk about characters they have worked with, including

Rupert Bear, Maisey and the Pirates, Wallace and Gromit, Lulubell Ladybird, Kipper, Little Fairies, Winnie the Pooh and Postman Pat.

We show rough drawings and beautiful finished artworks, draw and write for and with pupils, read out unedited and edited stories, and discuss the structure of picture book writing. The workshop helps pupils formulate their own ideas, introducing creative writing, where Jude talks about her editing work, its importance, story structure, alliteration, onomatopoeia, repetition, story mountains, story arcs, then illustration, where Stuart talks about how illustration can be used in books, and finally the design of books. The 'brainstorming' session encourages imaginative thinking with the pupils 'roughing out' their ideas on to the storyboard sheets we provide. A picture book is not just a series of drawings and words, but must be a reading experience so the pupils are encouaged to think about the design element of the genre. Once everyone is happy with the story the pupils then transfer their work into their own blank picture book we provide.

What’s brilliant about Rockpool workshops...

• Pupils get a unique insight into an exciting professional world – one that could give them rewarding career opportunities.
• Pupils have fun, develop their creativity and boost their transferable literacy, communication and organisational skills.
• There is plenty of class participation – pupils work directly with a professional illustrator and writer, developing and perfecting ideas together, just as trained artists and writers do.
• They see original artwork and writing, from rough to finished.
• We help everyone – whatever their talents – to create something by working together, just as we would in the workplace.
• We can link workshops directly with National Curriculum targets to explore ideas and communicate effectively and creatively.  
• We can bring focus to events throughout the year, such as book     weeks, World Book Day and The Big Draw.

Jude Irwin - Editor, author, artist.

Jude edited Maisey and the Pirates, all eight titles of Little Fairies, Riding on an Elephant, Scaredy Cat, Neandersmall, The Princess who couldn't sleep, The Little Bookworm, to name but a few.


'Invite Rockpool Children’s Books into your school or college for a whole day of inspirational, creative, literacy-boosting fun – tailored to key stages 1 to 4 and beyond – and develop your own
children’s books or storyboards with our professional help.'

Jude Irwin

"Not only does Jude edit all our books, she also makes valuable contributions to how the text is written, making them a much better read. We can always be confident that, thanks to Jude, our words are impeccable."

Stuart Trotter

Publisher and Creative Director

Rockpool Children's Books


Available POD from Rockpool Albury

2 wonderful books written by Jude

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