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See inside, available for all of the books on

the Albury BookShelf,

allows you to see and read up to 5 spreads of

a book so you know it's the right one for you!

magic this way comes!



Elaine's Tulip s a magical tale, telling the story of a little girl living in a land ruled by a dragon. The dragon has drained the life out of the earth in it's relentless desire for riches. Then one day Elaine finds something that will turn the tide in an unusual, magical and unexpected way!

Here are two sample of the illustration roughs.

Words & Design & Pictures

Stuart Trotter


Great stories, great pictures, great books!

"What am I?" asked Butterfly

When Butterfly pops out of his cocoon, he is a little concerned. He went to sleep as one thing and woke up as another! What could he be? Do the other rainforest animals know? Off he flutters to find out.

ISBN 978-1-906081-24-9


250mm x 250mm - rrp £7.99

Words & Pictures Stuart Trotter


Bluebell and the flutter-bys!

Her favourite time of year Bluebell likes to visit a special place where the flutter-bys emerge from their chrysalises. But something is wrong, and the flutter-bys are in danger. It's Bluebell to the rescue with a fairy magic spell!

ISBN 978-1-906081-48-5


250mm x 250mm - rrp £7.99

Words & Pictures Sam Walshaw


Buttercup's dancing shoes

The fairies were invited to party on the beach where Buttercup noticed one little crab who looked sad. He was very small and couldn't dance like the other crabs. Using her special magic, Buttercup makes him some special tiny dancing shoes from the sparkles of moonlight on the water.

ISBN 978-1-906081-49-2


250mm x 250mm - rrp £7.99

Words & Pictures Sam Walshaw


Neandersmall & the egg

Neandersmall isn't tall, he isn't tall at all, in fact unlike his dad Neandertall, he's very small. So, when Neandersmall finds an egg for tea, that isn't small, in fact it's very will he get it home? With the most surprising of help, that's how!

ISBN 978-1-906081-51-5


250mm x 250mm - rrp £7.99

Words & Pictures Sam Walshaw


Ivy and the Fireflies

The Little Fairies enjoy nothing better than watching the fireflies,

down by the pond on a warm summer evening!

But one night, there are no fireflies! Where could they be?

When they discover where the fireflies are, it’s time for that special

fairy magic to rescue the situation!

ISBN 978-1-906081-73-0


220mm x 220mm - rrp £6.99

Words & Pictures Sam Walshaw


Publisher of fine illustrated children's picture books
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