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All About Picture Books

Encouraging imagination, creative writing, creative drawing and picture book design.

Visiting schools as a practising author, illustrator and publisher is an opportunity to share my experience and enthusiasm with children

and teachers.


Each visit looks at the process of writing, illustrating, and producing a picture book. I show the children rough drawings and artworks, and then run a workshop with them to produce their own illustrated picture book.

I can provide the children with their own blank 16 page,

with cover, picture book


After introducing myself I then talk about Rupert Bear - this iconic character, his history and my involvement.

I show the children original art, talk about the unique Rupert Bear annuals, and explain how he’s illustrated. I talk about other characters I’ve illustrated, such as Postman Pat, Wallace and Gromit, Kipper,

Noddy and Winnie the Pooh, and show examples

of artwork and printed books.


The talk then moves onto picture books in general.

I show the children the many forms of children’s picture books - board books, flap books, pop-up books, several of which they will recognise.

I talk about being an illustrator and explain how a picture book comes about, showing original artwork and drawings in progress.

Next I explain the roles of the writer, illustrator, designer and publisher, and how all these contribute to the production of a finished picture book. I read several stories, and explain the use of repetition, alliteration, and using sounds.

We discuss ideas and imagination, and where it comes from.

At this point the children can ask questions. This is followed by group brainstorming to generate illustration / story ideas and get the children thinking about their own picture book.

I encourage them to work out their ideas in their sketchbooks,

and to ‘just draw’ or write anything to get their ideas onto paper.


I do drawings on the board to demonstrate handy tips to help and hopefully inspire. I then walk around the classroom and talk to each

child individually about their thoughts and ideas,

helping if they’re stuck.


Any day is perfect for a picture book day, but my visits can also bring

a focus to events throughout the year – Book Weeks,

World Book Day, The Big Draw etc.

All about picture books

Open this PDF to see all about the talk

and workshop.

Over the years I've had the privilege of illustrating many character lead picture books that are household names such as  'Postman Pat', Mick Inkpen's 'Kipper', 'Winnie the Pooh' and currently 'Rupert Bear' for Egmont's Rupert Bear Annual.

I didn't create these wonderful characters,

I was just blessed with a skill that enabled me to illustrate them.

As part of the talk I show a selection of original character illustrations.

The talk and workshop can be booked direct through
this Contact an Author link, by email or call for a chat.

Through Authors Abroad I was booked by The International School of Moscow

for World Book Week in February/March 2018. A wonderful school, a wonderful experience.

'Stuart was very enthusiastic about being in Moscow, and as this was his first international post,

he had a very open mind about how to approach everything. We kept him very busy with the schedule we gave him, and Stuart was more than happy to go along with what ever we asked him to do.

He was very positive and upbeat and a joy to work with this week!'

Tarryn Hin - Year 1 Teacher


‘Children were encouraged to produce their own little books which had been previously made for them.  
For this they had to write a story and illustrate it.   
The children’s results were super and their enthusiasm to complete their books was very evident.’

Mrs R Drake - Headteacher 


‘Thank you for helping us officially ‘open’ our new Infant library. The boys loved working with a ‘real’ author and were enthused by making picture books with you. The youngest boys were thrilled to hear your stories and we can’t wait to work with you again.’

Sian Woosnam - Head of Infants


‘We invited Stuart Trotter into our school during our Read,

Draw and Explore week, during the week he
engaged our children and encouraged them to be both readers

and writers. The pupils listened to his fascinating back ground 

on how he became an author and illustrator. He inspired pupils
from Y1 to Y6 to write and illustrate their own books.’

Karen Bennett - Headteacher 


Orford CEVA Primary School, Orford, Suffolk

Ferryhill Station Primary School - Co. Durham

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