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Rockpool Children’s Books, now established in the North East of England, are delighted to announce their publishing partnership with Albury Books.
Albury Books is a subsidiary of Imago, a global leader in the provision of print and production

services to the publishing industry for over 35 years.
Albury Books’ streamlined Print-On-Demand publishing platform,

the Albury BookShelf, Rockpool Children’s Books are able to keep all of their extensive list available

and in print, whilst retaining access to a host of more advanced print options and a global market-place.
This means that we have more time to focus on what we love -
developing quality, inspiring, well-designed children’s books in all formats, richly diverse in both stories and illustration that can be enjoyed by children of all ages.  FOREIGN RIGHTS are available on all of our books!

All books are available
to buy in the
Rockpool Albury Bookshop

All about

picture books


Stuart Trotter - Publisher and Creative Director

Stuart is an experienced illustrator, author and designer who has recently relocated back to the North East.

He has mainly illustrated for the children’s publishing industry, his first job being Portland Bill (for Purnell).

Over the years his client list has included most children’s book publishers such as; Walker Books,

David Bennett Books, Reed, Egmont, Heinemann, Victoria House, Treehouse, Parragon, Hodder Children’s

Books, Usborne, Oxford University Press, Pearson, Scholastic, Ladybird, Azbookvarik, La Coccinella,

Random House, to name but a few! As a character artist Stuart has worked on family favourites from classic

titles to Disney characters, including Winnie the Pooh, Wallace and Gromit, Noddy,

Thomas the Tank Engine, Topsy and Tim, Kipper, Postman Pat, and is now the author and illustrator of

Rupert Bear for HarperCollins FarShore imprint Rupert Bear Annual.

As well as illustrating for publishers, Stuart has illustrated for design and advertising companies, including

Saatchi & Saatchi’s NSPCC bullying campaign, which was nominated for best use of illustration

in advertising.

Stuart created Rockpool Children’s Books in 2006. As publisher of quality children’s picture books, board books, apps and e-books,

he is publisher, creative director, commissioning editor, author, illustrator, designer, producer and eternal optimist!

Rockpool Children’s Books, have sold worldwide published over 70 titles, with more on the way such as ‘bear’, ‘sloth’, ‘Jake the Snake’,

and an up and coming range of quality activity books. Stuart is very versatile, style wise. He works in pencil, pen, paint, and digital,

and usually all together.

‘All about picture books’ is Stuarts talk and workshop that he takes into schools, and is suitable for any group interested in the writing, illustration, and production of children's picture books - from idea to publication of. More details under 'School Visits & Picture Book

Workshop' in the menu bar.

Publisher of fine illustrated children's picture books
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